Hey, Hey, Hey!!!

                 Rachel here! I am the owner and operator here at Rachel Renov Photography. I am the proud and lucky mom of four beautiful girls! With a family full of girls, you can only imagine how exciting, lively and super fun are days are. Whether we spend our time dancing around the house, baking all different types of desserts or just sitting around talking, we always make sure to do it with a whole lot of laughter and love! 

                As a professional photographer located in the Long Island area, I make it my duty to bring out all the beauty of life in my pictures. Every photographer has a unique style and talent that is portrayed in the portraits they capture. I'd like to think my images portray exactly the way I view the world around me. Bright, colorful, cheery, eccentric and most importantly happy! 

                I specialize in a wide range of photography such as, newborns, cakesmashes, families, couples, commercial, joyous events and gorgeous locations. After many years in the photography field, my clients have become my friends and it is an honor and privilege to be a part of such treasured moments that will last forever!

I look forward to meeting you and your family! 

All My Love,
Rachel Renov

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